Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mawwage. Mawwage is wat bwings us togevah today.

Hi all. I have been trying to sign on to this blog for two weeks now to share the first few peeks at my Moroccan wedding. It did not agree with my methods, and rejected me completely. As is just about always the case, when I finally reached the stage of screaming, "AHHHHH ifsomeonedoesnotcomeandprymyhandsoffofthis mouserightnowiwillshovethecomputeroffthedesk isweariwill," Denise stepped in and figured out a way to beat the system. So (finally) here are a few outtakes.

I was lucky enough to have Frances and Mark here for the wedding. Yay, more people who speak fluent English!

The technichal getting married paperwork happened in a very small, totally unglamourous office. They wrote our marriage contract into a record book which Hassan and I had to sign. Frances has all of the pictures of that on her camera.

Thursday night, we got henna done at home. Here's mine before scraping off the dried paste.

On Friday night, we had the wedding party in a tent room that had been constructed on the roof of our building. First the groom made his entrance.

Then the bride, along with a procession of chanting and drumming in-laws.

First we sat for some photos.

Then we got tired of sitting, so we stood for some photos.

And after what seemed like a long time... and some dinner... we changed clothes and sat down for more pictures. This time they were of us exchanging rings...

and feeding each other milk, and cake, and dates... and kissing each other on the forehead.

After the festivities were over, Frances, Mark, Hassan and I went to Marrakech on Saturday and Sunday. So, I suppose this is a honeymoon photo.
Now that I'm back in, I'll post more details and photos soon.