Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ode to Babs

She hates to be called that.

However, as I’m about to spout much mush about my adoration of her, I couldn’t help it. Really. Sorry, Barbie. OH... she hates that, too!

Somewhere in time I read or heard that if one dies with five true friends, he is rich. I’ve often considered my extreme wealth in the form of exceptional friends gained in high school, college, and beyond. If any of you are reading this and wondering why I’ve never written an ode to you, perhaps it’s because I like to shop for gifts much more in America than here. Also, I can’t say I’ve ever known a friend who I thought would appreciate an ode in quite the way Barbara will! To get to the point... In Casablanca I have added to my friendship coffers with Barbara Stringer. And today is Barbara’s birthday.

It’s tempting to stop here with a simple “Happy Birthday” so daunting is the task of writing an ode. I shall do my best...

Barbara is caring, sensitive, zany, elegant, bright, gentle, fair, happy, enchanting, loyal, thoughtful, lively, dedicated, wise, worldly, witty, generous. I could go on. Basically, Barbara is downright delightful.

I am so happy to have met her. Getting to know her over the last year has been my tremendous pleasure. She has entertained me with her stories, worried about me when I was down, helped me when I was overloaded, and shared in some of my year’s simple and pleasurable moments. I enjoy her, and I seek her out.

I began this task with the intention of telling a bit of her story, for she has packed a dizzying amount of LIFE into her years. But perhaps I shall leave you with the hope that someday you will meet Barbara, and be thrilled with the stories from the source.

Perhaps cliché, but I feel that knowing her, being near her, not only raises the quality and enjoyment of my life... actually inspires me to be a better person. I hope that she takes it as a compliment when I say that sometimes I feel inadequate around her; she is so very good. I aspire to rise to her example.

Barbara, happiest of birthdays.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY "late" BIRTHDAY to Barbara.

You indeed are lucky to have found such a friend........and so far away from home.
Sure makes a mother feel better!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Barb (this is one Shan didn't mention)
We would love to have you visit Arkansas one day and I look forward to meeting you.
Thanks for all.


Scarlett said...

I'm with my sis, Betty. We would love to meet this wonderful woman. Will she fit in your garment bag next week?